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“PRECEDENT” has specialized in legal maintenance of nonprofit and business organizations by providing complex legal services and analytic activity.  

By providing legal security for our clients and protecting their interests by lawful means, we contribute to the formation of a legal environment based on the principles of responsibility and justice.

 “PRECEDENT” is an independent expert on legal expertise accredited by the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic (№00006)

Areas of the law practices

Lawyers of the “PRECEDENT” Law Firm have considerable experience in protecting the violated rights and legitimate interests of clients by using legal mechanisms. The services of legal protection of natural persons include the following: - Representation of the interests of natural persons in the conduct of investigative actions, operational search activities and other verifications of law enforcement agencies (including appealing requests for information, appealing decisions and actions of law enforcement officials in conducting operational search activities, preparing a legal position, etc.); - Consultation, protection and representation of clients' interests during criminal proceedings in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic; - Identification of criminal-legal risks in the conduct of entrepreneurial activities.

The practice of challenging the legality of actions and omissions, as well as regulatory authorities of state bodies and their officials is one of the most important areas of activity for the "PRECEDENT". The main reason for this choice is the need for legal education of the population, including popularizing the institution of constructive and non-corrupt opposition to authoritative state institutions. The company's lawyers, who have been arguing with the legal representatives of authorities, have more than 10 years of experience including successful work in this area as well as initiating several dozen appeals to the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva on violations of the legally of actions and decisions of state bodies.

Precedent lawyers are well aware of the complexity of tasks and issues arising during the process of creating and developing companies in Kyrgyzstan. The range of our services includes consulting on business creation, strategic planning, risk management, business efficiency improvement, asset sales and business restructuring. We provide our clients with advice and legal support on current issues stemming from their daily activities. Our lawyers have extensive experience in creating commercial and non-profit organizations in Kyrgyzstan. Services in the field of corporate law include, but are not limited to, the following: • Organization of registration, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities of various organizational and legal forms, as well as representations and branches of foreign companies (non-residents); • Bringing the constituent documents of legal entities in accordance with the requirements of the law; • Preparation of agreements between participants / shareholders ("Shareholders agreement"), structured in accordance with Kyrgyz legislation; • Legal audit /Due diligence legal entities and their assets; • Consultations on corporate governance issues.

Precedent experts strive to offer the most effective solution in the context of a particular business, using a multidisciplinary approach in the drafting of commercial contracts and agreements. Lawyers of commercial practice help to identify and minimize legal and tax risks arising from contractual relationships.

Personnel management is a very delicate field of activity: labor law issues often overlap with such areas as the protection of intellectual property, confidential information, the responsibility of managers / employers, etc. Representing the interests of employers who aspire to be most effective, including in solving HR issues, we help our clients do this competently and effectively from a legal point of view. “PRECEDENT” Law Firm consults clients on any issues of labor law arising in their day-to-day operations, conduct due diligence for the registration of labor relations in organizations, identify and minimize possible risks, and develop recommendations for the optimal application of labor law standards, taking into account the specifics of work of each company (for example, extrajudicial and judicial settlement of labor disputes, mediation and negotiations).

In the context of optimizing the tax activity of clients, as well as providing legal support during the tax audit, the specialists of “PRECEDENT” provide clients with the necessary legal and information assistance, developing optimal tax solutions in terms of tax legislation and accounting.

Customs consultations are necessary for companies operating on the foreign economic market. The prevention of negative consequences for entrepreneurs in the process of passing customs procedures is the main task of lawyers of customs practice. This complex work is successfully carried out by Precedent’s lawyers.

One of the activities of the “PRECEDENT” Law Firm is the provision of legal assistance on family matters. The Law Firm offers all kinds of legal assistance in divorce cases, issues of determining custody, cases of paternity, deprivation and restoration of parental rights. Legal aid (legal services) for family matters includes: • legal advice on family matters; • preparation of statements of claim, notices of appearance , complaints; • representation in court. Family disputes - one of the most frequently occurring cases in the practice of law. Appeal to a court is not the best way to resolve family disputes, so we try to do our best to reconcile the parties. Settlement of disputes with the mediator in some cases gives a good result.

Regardless of the form in which the information of doubtful content is submitted (whether oral, printed, televised or interactive) if they are aimed at undermining a business’ reputation or offending honor and dignity, every citizen or legal person is entitled to protection. The services of legal assistance for the protection of business reputation include the following: - representation of the interest in court; - an assessment of defamatory publications in terms of possible criminal prosecution of the opponent; - current legal support of the PR department of the client: an operational analysis of the forwarded publications on the prospect of applying legal response measures; - legal support in the event of an information crisis - assistance in creating and implementing a crisis communications plan; - legal assistance in preparing responses to media inquiries.

Types of services provided

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Judicial representation and defense in the above specializations

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Legal maintenance

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Legal consulting


Legal audit of organizations activities


Organization of registration, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities


Expert and analytical work on drafting legal and anti-corruption expertise on draft laws


Accounting and tax consultation


Specialization: The Criminal Law and The Administrative Law. Author of several educational tools on self-defense of civil rights and civil control of state power.

Education: Kyrgyz State University 

Toktakunov Nurbek

Attorney and co-founder of the firm.

Specialization: The Commercial Law, the Corporate Law and The Labor Law.

Education: Kyrgyz State University 

Iakupbaeva Fatima

Attorney and co-founder of the firm.

Specialization: The Administrative Law

Education: Kyrgyz State University 

Bagishbekov Sardar

Lawyer and co-founder of the firm.

Specialization: The Custom Law, The Administrative Law and The Commercial Law.

Education: Kyrgyz State Law Academy

Eraliev Edil


Specialization: The Family Law, The Administrative Law and The Commercial Law.

Education: Kyrgyz State Law Academy

Kenjebekova Jibek


Specialization: The Tax Law, Accounting, The Administrative Law and The Commercial Law.

Education: Kyrgyz State Law Academy.

Jedigerova Ilyana


Specialization: The Commercial Law, The Corporate Law and The Intellectual Property.

Education: Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

Mamytova Alev


Specialization: The Administrative Law and The Family Law.

Education: Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

Kasabolotov Bekbolot



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